January 9, 2019

How to Become a Private Investigator

To become a legitimate private investigator you must take the steps to become educated through class experience and become certified by the state you plan to work in. Private investigator courses are offered by many online schools. One great online college to take private investigator classes is the Learning Shop USA. This online college is the nation’s leading provider of continuing education courses for private investigators.

To become a private investigator identify your states requirements of private investigating. Some states do not require a license, but most do. Find out what your state requires and apply for one after completing some private investigator classes at Learning Shop USA. You could also take all of the courses if you can to gain the most experience in the private investigation career. After completing your training, apply for the private investigator license in your state. A license is awarded by a board of people based on age, experience, and other qualifications. Your certificate or diploma must be sent with other required documents with your license application. Other forms may include high school and college diplomas, waivers, finger prints, and a nominal license fee. If you are applying for certification in Georgia you must pass a state examination before your private investigator certification is awarded to you.

After getting your private investigator certification, or passing the test in Georgia, there is a probationary period in which you must choose your investigation specialty. Some family-based practices include child custody cases, divorce, and the split up of family property. Insurance specialties can include medical fraud, worker’s comp fraud, bank fraud, and embezzlement. There is also forensic auditing, criminal defense investigations, retail distribution and transportation, executive protection, information security, and preventing and sabotaging events as big as a terrorist attack. A private investigator can be hired by large corporations, the government, and private citizens, for investigative and preventative actions.

Learning Shop USA provides over 30 courses that can be taken at anytime and anywhere for great private investigating training before or after certification and during the probationary period. All the class materials are provided online, therefore there is no need to buy books or other school supplies. Learning Shop USA specializes in continuing education but also offers courses to licensed applicants in Georgia to become familiar with private investigating functions. The Learning Shop USA provides the best private investigation courses offered online as well as the best instruction available.

The instructors at Learning Shop USA have an average of 20 years of private investigating experience to provide the best experience-based training methods. Their Learning Management System (LMS) gives students their course materials with text and graphic-based learning. The LMS keeps all of the students’ information that they have participated in throughout their schooling at the Learning Shop USA. The school has trained over 2,000 successful students in 20 states, and 4 other countries. Attendance at the Learning Shop USA will help a student become a successful private investigator ready to take on any PI task with ease and readiness.

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