We are in the homestretch of what is likely to be the most important election of our lives. This is especially true given the current crises at home and abroad and the fact that at least one Supreme Court Justice is likely to be up for retirement in this next term. The potential implications of that alone are staggering. For more on that check out this New Yorker article.

After weeks and months of getting more and more frustrated while watching the amazingly low political attacks aimed at Obama (so low that even Karl Rove would blush!), we found that we couldn't just sit there and do nothing. So, we got off our butts and started OurGreatestFear.org, a political action committee (PAC) whose primary goal is to fight fire with fire by producing ads for this election, and later for the critical elections that will surely follow.

As you've undoubtedly observed, the Obama campaign has consistently taken the high road in its advertising. And for that it should be commended. But, we truly believe that there must be some effort to counter the McCain offensive with a more direct approach. And if that direct approach makes the Democrats uncomfortable, it is up to individuals like us to take action.

To that end, we have put together a talented and enthusiastic team of producers, editors, audio and video effects and post production support to create a series of anti-McCain spots. We will be working with a Washington agency to strategically choose markets and buy airtime. 

We need your help to get these ads on the air, and keep them on the air, until Nov. 4th. In regards to future elections, we intend to make sure the message gets out about other federal candidates who pose special risks if they achieve or remain in power.

All the data shows that the discomfort factor with Sarah Palin from moderate independents is stronger than ever. Thus, after much discussion with political operatives, we have decided to initially target these "soft" McCain supporters - moderates who are growing increasingly uncomfortable with Sarah Palin. 

Our first spot is clear, uncomplicated and visceral. The message is simple: These are dangerous, critical times and we need a strong leader with a calm steady hand. We illustrate that John McCain has the highest probability of NOT completing his term than any president in American history. And "President Sarah Palin" is indeed our greatest fear.

If you are following the polls and feel that everything is ok, please think again. The polls are encouraging, but volatile. In this last couple of weeks, Obama's lead, according to Gallup, finally hit double digits. Then, it was inexplicably down to 6.  Its been like this for two weeks, even after the last debate, raising and lowering almost like a tide chart. The point being that it is going to be a close and wild ride straight down the line! Ohio and Nevada, and others - way too close despite all the encouraging news. We all saw how well Obama handled himself in the recent debate last week. We were greatly relieved, as we're sure many of you were, BUT we saw little effect in the polls and it is still too close and too early to celebrate and let our guard down.

Anything can happen in these final weeks and we must do everything we can, every day, until Nov. 4th. This is the time we need to fight the hardest! The last two elections were derailed in the eleventh hour. This is the eleventh hour

Earlier this week in Ohio, the 6th Court of Appeals has told Ohio's Secretary of State that she must verify the legitimacy of 600,000 new voters before Election Day in response to a Republican lawsuit. Today, amazingly, the Supreme Court struck that down. Perhaps on a technicality, but struck down nonetheless. Check out the Ohio's Republican Chairman's response. The Democrats have proven once again they'd rather steal elections than win them fairly." Amazing isn't it. The democrats stealing another election. Perhaps he comes from a parallel universe where things run quite differently than ours.

But this is only the first of what will undoubtedly be series of backhanded political maneuvers in the final weeks. As we know, as we've SEEN. A single, dirty, trick could, if successful, could steal the entire election.

The barbarians are pounding at the gates and we can’t get complacent. We cannot allow ourselves to think those gates will hold without our support and then look on in shock as the gates come crashing down at the last second.

Please help. We need donations. Your money will be spent to buy airtime targeted specifically at crucial counties in swing states. In order to place the ad on the air next week, we really must get funds immediately.

We know that you are inundated with donation requests and may have already given generously to both Obama and the DNC. We're asking you to hedge your bets. We're asking you to give again, this time to an independent effort that addresses a danger that the campaign itself evidently does not wish to address directly. Please help independents like us broadcast messages to bring home the disturbing truth that the alternative to Obama-Biden is not just an unacceptable President McCain, but the reckless risk of a President Palin as the world's most powerful individual.

GET INVOLVED! Please write just one more check before watching the BIG SHOW unfold. We promise it will be money well spent.